About Andi

I help teams get to their business and product outcomes faster. I do this by teaching rigor around customer research, running experiments, and by turbo charging design processes. And I help larger companies behave more like startups by coaching them in user centered design, rapid prototyping and entrepreneurial management.

I’ve been working with startups since the dot.com era. I started out in 1995 at AOL as one of the world’s first web designers. Throughout the dot com bubble I was in various design lead roles at startups of different scales. It was the wild west in those days. We were making it up as we went. There were no best practices, no courses, degrees or rules.

In 2000 I co-founded and lead a digital product and design agency in San Francisco called Singlebound Creative, which had an 11 year run. In its later years, Singlebound partnered with VC firms to spin up new pilot ventures. I learned so much with that company. We ran the agency like a startup. We built digital products in cross functional teams. Here were some of our clients...

After the agency, I was once again leading creative and product design at a handful of startup teams. And then I came across a little book called The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The focus on business outcomes spoke to me. That sent me on a journey I continue today. Now I'm helping teams understand if their product & business strategies are working by aligning them to outcomes. And coaching them to adopt a scientific mindset to achieve those outcomes.

My recent client teams include NASA Ames Lunar Resource Prospector, AMEX, Allstate, Pivotal Labs, Steelcase, and Public Library of Science. And enterprise innovation teams for Coke Founders and RWE Innogy New Ventures.

I'm also a mentor at 500 Startups and Faculty at Lean Startup Co.

In my other life...

I am a casual student of physics. I love to look through my telescopes, I like to surf, go backpacking and escape to the country with my family. I am also a painter / illustrator.