Innovation / Design

My name is Andi Plantenberg

I’m an innovation consultant. I help teams get to their business and product outcomes faster. I do this by teaching customer research, rapid experimentation, and by turbo charging their design process.


Innovation Practice

who I work with

I’m an innovation consultant working with founders and innovation teams. Client teams include enterprise/Fortune 500 (AMEX, Allstate, Pivotal Labs, Steelcase), non-profit (NASA Ames Research Center & Public Library of Science), and enterprise innovation (Coke Founders and RWE Innogy New Ventures).

what I do

The startups I work with are seeking product-market fit. I give them the tools to know if their product / business strategies are working. I do this by teaching rigor around customer research, running experiments, and by turbo charging their design process.

The larger companies I work with are fearing disruption. I work with them to behave more like startups— adopting principles and heuristics around user centered design, rapid prototyping and entrepreneurial management.

5 day
Design Sprint

Shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. Rather than waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, get clear data from a realistic prototype.


Put your predictions to the test with lightweight experiment tracking. Before you invest in a working MVP, see in a matter of hours or days where your product and business plans are off. Then apply those learnings before you write a line of code.

Problem-Solution &
Product-Market Fit

Before your find Product-Market fit, you need to have Problem-Solution fit. Recognize your customers needs and how far they’re willing to go to meet those needs. Learn how to recruit candidates, conduct interviews and rank your learnings

Understand your

Most of what we envision about our customers and their actions turn out to be false. Between 60% and 90%. The trick is to be clear about what we believe to be true, so we can adapt to what we learn from our customers and their actions.